Thursday, October 6, 2011

TV Talk: Thursday Night Line Up

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries
S3 E4: Disturbing Behavior
8pm Eastern, The CW

Still in Chicago, Klaus uses Gloria, a witch he knew long ago, to help him track down missing information that will explain why his plan isn't working. Gloria's spells reveal intriguing glimpses of the truth, but she soon realizes she needs Stefan's knowledge to complete the puzzle. When Stefan suddenly finds himself in danger, help comes from a surprising ally. Back in Mystic Falls, a frustrating new enemy pushes Damon over the brink and he lashes out in a way that will have lasting consequences. Caroline struggles with her own emotional issues, even as she tries to help Elena face her feelings. Jeremy makes a brief but disturbing breakthrough with one of his ghostly visitors, leaving him more confused than ever. Finally, Bonnie has a strange encounter that will affect everyone. (Source: IMDB)

First I must say that I obviously have a bad case of the Bad Boys because I find Stefan much more attractive this season than in the first two (anyone else feeling this way or is it just me?) and I have always loved Damon (even in the books).  

While the Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle is still going strong (much thanks to Caroline for fueling that fire tonight), I want to turn your attention to Elena's hunky lil bro Jeremy and his "ghost problem".  I am thoroughly intrigued by Jeremy's story this season. All eyes turned to the youngest Gilbert at the end of the season 2 finale when after being brought back from the dead he started seeing dead people, Vicki and Anna to be specific. Tonight we were teased with the introduction of a possible new "evil force" in Mystic Falls that only Jeremy can sense and see, with some ex-gf help. Although Klaus is still the #1 big baddie and a terrifying threat, it appears the gang will have more than just hybrid nasties to deal with this season. 

Vampire Diaries continues to be must TV and season 3 so far is doing a great job of maintaining this status.

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The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle
S1 Ep 4: Heather
9pm Eastern, The CW

Cassie looks up an old friend of her mother's named Heather Barnes and discovers she has been in a catatonic state since the night of the fire 16 years ago. Feeling guilty that her mother and her Circle may have had something to do with Heather's current state, Cassie tells Diana that she wants to use magic to help Heather. Diana refuses to help, but Faye is more than happy to conjure up a spell - for a price. (Source: IMDB)

I was beyond excited when I heard The CW was bringing my favorite LJ Smith series to TV and with it being back to back with The Vampire Diaries it's no wonder I look forward to my Thursday nights each week.  

I think it's pretty obvious to everyone, even those who haven't read the books (& if you haven't read these books you definitely need to), that something is going to happen between Cassie and Adam - I mean how can anyone resist those dreamy eyes - it's just a matter of when and where and with only 4 episodes down the sexual tension is already knife worthy.

I must say I was thoroughly bored with the whole Nick and Melissa romance, that is until the end of tonight's episode. All I'm going to say is creepy and yucky. Thanks to Mr. Demon worm for throwing a creepy drama filled wrench into that relationship.

Tonight's episode proved that The CW is leading the Secret Circle down the edgy path and, maybe it was just me, but the preview for next's week episode had a True Blood feel to it. This new must see series is definitely a cannot miss.  I recommend adding it to your DVR if you haven't already. 

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sarah Dessen Week Winners

First I would like to apologize for missing the last few days of SDW. I blame blogger for going crazy this weekend and hating me...kind of creepy that it all started on Friday the 13th.  Anyways, because of this I was unable to post for the final giveaways but I do have the winners of the first four giveaways so yay!!

Now, I would like to thank the awesome ladies of  YA bibliophile and The Reading Housewives of Indiana for hosting Sarah Dessen Week.  I know I can never get enough of these awesome books so it was the perfect event to feed my Dessen Addiction.

Also, I have a confession.  This was my very first giveaway and I can't believe how successful it was (minus blogger's spaz-tastic moment).  So thank you to everyone who commented, followed, twittered, etc. The book blogging community is truly an awesome thing to be apart of and you guys are amazing! I did learn a lot and I definitely plan on implementing these lessons into my future giveaways.

Okay now for what you have all been waiting for, lets announce some winners.

Day 1 Keeping the Moon giveaway Winner : Rosa

Day 2 What Happened to Goodbye & Along for the Ride giveaway Winner: Reading Inspire Writing

Day 3 Dreamland Giveaway Winner: Enamored Soul

Day 4 This Lullaby Giveaway Winner: Cyndi M.

YAY!! I will be emailing all of you within the next 24 hours, please make sure to respond within 48 hours.

I know Sarah Dessen Week is over but her world, characters and life lessons are forever.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

SDW Day 4 - This Lullaby Giveaway!

Day 4 of Sarah Dessen Week (hosted by YA bibliophile and The Reading Housewives of Indiana) is This Lullaby day which means I get to share my favorite Sarah Dessen book with you.

Goodreads Description:

"When it comes to relationships, Remy doesn't mess around. After all, she's learned all there is to know from her mother, who's currently working on husband number five. But there's something about Dexter that seems to defy all of Remy's rules. He certainly doesn't seem like Mr. Right. For some reason, however, Remy just can't seem to shake him. Could it be that Remy's starting to understand what those love songs are all about?"

First I have to say Dexter is my #1 Dessen boy. If Dexter were real and not a fictional character (something I have wished for before) he would be my perfect man ::sigh::  Funny, sweet, musical and he loves dogs ::uber sigh:: Also I have to mention Dexter's band, Truth Squad.  Their antics make up some of my most favorite moments.

"Hate Spinnerbait!!"

I am a complete and hopeless romantic and This Lullaby definitely stirs this side of me. I have always had an unwavering belief that love is great and though I have learned some very tough lessons, the most important is that love is a risk and that you must never forget that the greater the risk the greater the loss but also the greater the reward. This is a risk that Remy was not willing to take, that is until Dexter came literally crashing into her life.

My favorite Dessen novel is about love, and that no matter how much you try to control it or how many rules you set up love will always find its way into your heart, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

I have 2 Fav Quotes from this book (3 if you count "Hate Spinnerbait!"):  

"It's been a shitty season for relationships,' I agreed. 'Enough to make you give up on love altogether.' 'Nah,' she said easily, not even considering this. 'You can never really do that." - Remy & Lissa

"You know, when it works, love is pretty amazing. It's not overrated. There's a reason for all those songs." - Dexter

Time to giveaway this amazing novel. All you have to do is leave me a comment! It's so easy! You don't have to be a follower but it's always appreciated.

Some rules: 
1. US only.
2. Only one entry per person per giveaway (remember I'm hosting 7 giveaways total this week, you can enter for all of them).
3. All giveaways this week are open until 11:59 pm EST Sunday May 15.  Make sure to check back here after 10 pm EST on Monday May 16th to see who the winners are.
4. All winners will be selected at random

 Happy Sarah Dessen Week!! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SDW Day 3 - Dreamland Giveaway

Welcome to Day 3 of Sarah Dessen Week (hosted by YA bibliophile and The Reading Housewives of Indiana) and today I am giving away a copy of Dreamland one of my top 3 Favorite Dessen books.

  Goodreads Description:
"Strange, sleepy Rogerson, with his long brown dreads and brilliant green eyes, had seemed to Caitlin to be an open door. With him she could be anybody, not just the second-rate shadow of her older sister, Cass. But now she is drowning in the vacuum Cass left behind when she turned her back on her family's expectations by running off with a boyfriend. Caitlin wanders in a dream land of drugs and a nightmare of Rogerson's sudden fists, lost in her search for herself.

Why do so many girls allow themselves to get into abusive relationships--and what keeps them there? In this riveting novel, Sarah Dessen searches for understanding and answers. Caught in a trap that is baited with love and need, Caitlin must frantically manage her every action to avoid being hit by the hands that once seemed so gentle. All around her are women who care--best friends, mother, sister, mentor--but shame keeps her from confiding in any of them, especially Cass, her brilliant older sister, whose own flight from home had seemed to point the way."

One of the many appeals of Sarah Dessen is that her stories are love stories that end on pretty positive notes, but that is what makes this one different from the others, the love story is not a positive one and the note it ends on is very bittersweet.  For personal reasons this book is very dear to my heart and I feel that it is a must read for all females no matter what age. There are so many lessons in this book but I feel that the most important one, the one that all us ladies (and gentlemen) must remember, is that you do not deserve abuse whether it be physical, mental and/or emotional.  You are special and wonderful in your own way and what you do deserve is to be treated as such.  You deserve respect and love, don't let anyone (even yourself) tell you different. Promise me you will never forget that.

Fav Quote from the book: "I took his wildness from him and tried to fold it into myself, filling up the empty spaces all those second place finishes left behind." - Caitlin

Time for the giveaway!! One copy of Dreamland to one lucky reader.

All you have to do is leave me a comment! It's so easy! You don't have to be a follower but it's always appreciated.

Some rules: 
1. US only.
2. Only one entry per person per giveaway (remember I'm hosting 7 giveaways total this week, you can enter for all of them).
3. All giveaways this week are open until 11:59 pm EST Sunday May 15.  Make sure to check back here after 10 pm EST on Monday May 16th to see who the winners are.
4. All winners will be selected at random

Happy Sarah Dessen Week!! 

Waiting on Wednesday #8: Graveminder by Melissa Marr

Goodreads Description:  
"The New York Times bestselling author of the Wicked Lovely series delivers her first novel for adults, a story about the living, the dead, and a curse that binds them.
If you are like me and have read all of the Wicked Lovely series you are uber psyched for Melissa Marr's first adult novel Graveminder to be released May 17.  And from now until 11 am EST on May 16th if you pre-order Graveminder at Bookperk you will receive a free engraved flask collectable to help you properly mind the dead.

Rebekkah Barrow never forgot the tender attention her grandmother, Maylene, bestowed upon the dead of Claysville, the town where Bek spent her adolescence. There wasn't a funeral that Maylene didn't attend, and at each Rebekkah watched as Maylene performed the same unusual ritual: three sips from a small silver flask followed by the words "Sleep well, and stay where I put you."

Now Maylene is dead and Bek must go back to the place--and the man--she left a decade ago. But what she soon discovers is that Maylene was murdered and that there was good reason for her odd traditions. It turns out that in placid Claysville, the worlds of the living and the dead are dangerously connected. Beneath the town lies a shadowy, lawless land ruled by the enigmatic Charles, aka Mr. D--a place from which the dead will return if their graves are not properly minded. Only the Graveminder, a Barrow woman, and the current Undertaker, Byron, can set things to right once the dead begin to walk"

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SDW Day 2 - What Happened To Goodbye Release Day & Along for the Ride Giveaway

It's Day 2 of Sarah Dessen Week (hosted by YA bibliophile and The Reading Housewives of Indiana) but most importantly it's the Book Birthday of What Happened to Goodbye...EEEEEE!!!

And to celebrate this awesome day I am giving away a copy of What Happened to Goodbye and Along for the Ride.

First freak out/geek out with me that her new book is finally here ::jumps around in a circle:: Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Okay now that we are done with that on with the post

Here are some links to help you get your copy of this much anticipated addition to the Sarah Dessen library (just in case you don't win your copy here):
Barnes and Noble
The Book Depository

Other fun What Happened to Goodbye book birthday goodies:

Sarah has posted her "Pub Day" blog post with soundtrack.

You can go to Dessen's site to read about her thoughts on What Happened to Goodbye and even watch a video of Dessen talking about her newest book.

Also make sure you check out the What Happened to Goodbye tour dates. Unfortunately she's not coming anywhere near me but maybe you'll get the chance to meet this awesome lady.

Keep up to date on Sarah Dessen news:
Twitter @sarahdessen

 Goodreads Description:
"It’s been so long since Auden slept at night. Ever since her parents’ divorce—or since the fighting started. Now she has the chance to spend a carefree summer with her dad and his new family in the charming beach town where they live.

A job in a clothes boutique introduces Auden to the world of girls: their talk, their friendship, their crushes. She missed out on all that, too busy being the perfect daughter to her demanding mother. Then she meets Eli, an intriguing loner and a fellow insomniac who becomes her guide to the nocturnal world of the town. Together they embark on parallel quests: for Auden, to experience the carefree teenage life she’s been denied; for Eli, to come to terms with the guilt he feels for the death of a friend."

This is her ninth and most recent novel which was actually just released in paper back in April 2011.  We are back in the wonderful little beach town of Colby, NC (wish I could visit this place) but this time we meet "Perfect" Auden who has spent her entire child hood working towards perfection in her Mother's eyes that she never even learned to ride a bike. In this novel we travel the paths of self-exploration, love and the girl world with Auden as she learns that being perfect is not so perfect and that it's your job to make sure you are happy, once you've accomplished that all the pieces in life will start to fall into place.

Dessen does it again weaving a world full of such intriguingly deep characters that you wish you could physically jump into the pages and join them on the board walk for a soda and a few laughs.

Fav Quote from the book: "Life is full of screwups. You're supposed to fail sometimes. It's a required part of the human existance" -Eli

Giveaway time and to celebrate the birthday of Sarah's 10th book I am giving away a copy of What Happened to Goodbye and a copy of the paperback version of Along for the Ride.

All you have to do is leave me a comment! It's so easy! You don't have to be a follower but it's always appreciated.

Some rules: 
1. US only.
2. Only one entry per person per giveaway (remember I'm hosting 7 giveaways total this week, you can enter for all of them).
3. All giveaways this week are open until 11:59 pm EST Sunday May 15.  Make sure to check back here after 10 pm EST on Monday May 16th to see who the winners are.
4. All winners will be selected at random

 Happy Sarah Dessen Week!! 

Teaser Tuesday #6: Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampires #11) by Charlaine Harris

"Though I was looking out from the bright bar to the dark parking lot, there were lights out there, and something was moving...moving fast.  Toward the bar.  I had slice of a second to think Odd, and then caught the flicker of flame."
page 9

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

Inspiration: "Sergeant Moore: Boy you are disgrace to this community, this country, and humanity in general! Eric: Oh, wow"- Boy Meets World
My DVR: Hellcats - S1 Ep 21 Land of 1,000 Dances (The CW @ 9 pm EST)
Joyful Tunes: Preston & Steve 93.3 WMMR ROCKS!

Book Review: My Soul to Steal (Soul Screamers #4) by Rachel Vincent

Kaylee's life is more complicated than ever. Not only does she have to deal with helping Alec fit into current society while sorting out her mixed-up feelings about Nash but someone is killing off people in their sleep...add on the arrival of Nash's ex-girlfriend, Sabine, who also happens to be a mara, the living personification of a nightmare (she literally goes into people's dreams and feeds off of their deepest fears...awesome) it's a wonder Kaylee's even functioning.  It doesn't help that Sabine has decided to fight Kaylee for Nash, using every weapon at her desposal...which means we get to add on extreme lack of sleep to Kaylee's list of Why My Life is in Ruins. Can Kaylee deal with her personal dilemas and find out who is committing the terrifying murders without losing herself in the process?

This is definitely one of Vincent's most emotionally packed installments of her Soul Screamers Series, and that's saying alot.  You actually can feel Kaylee's physical and mental exhaustion seeping out from the pages. Vincent really pushes her main character to her limits.  We finally get to see what Kaylee Cavanaugh is really made of.

The Kaylee vs Sabine aspect of this novel was very intriguing but also a bit frustrating. There were definitely moments where I wish I could just shake both of them and tell them to knock it off, I mean people were dying here.  In the end I ended up feeling sympathetic to and even liking Sabine.  Hey if you were literally a living nightmare how would you feel and react?

I have also started questioning whether or not Nash and Kaylee are meant to be together. I know this is shocking but I'm gonna have to say I'm Team Tod.

In the end I give this book a 4 because while it was stress inducing, My Soul to Steal is a perfect addition to the Soul Screamers Series and a must read for all YA book lovers

Monday, May 9, 2011

In My Mailbox #1

This is a meme created and sponsored by The Story Siren, where book bloggers can share books they have bought, taken out from the library and/or received for review.

This is my first In My Mailbox and it's a good one.  Mostly eBooks I did receive my hardcover copy of Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Series #11) by Charlain Harris in the mail on Saturday...YAY!! You can still get it for $15.17 at Barnes & Noble and if you are a member...FREE Shipping holla!!
eBooks I downloaded include:

Now I own a Nook so I go to Barnes and Noble for all my eBook needs but make sure to check Amazon for these deals too, usually if B&N has it for sale so does Amazon.

Inspiration: "I really am ruggedly handsome, aren't I?" - Richard Castle
My DVR: Castle - S3 Ep23 "Pretty Dead" (ABC @ 10 pm EST)
Joyful Tunes: We The Kings - Summer Lovin'

SDW Day 1- Keeping The Moon Giveaway

Sarah Dessen has been a favorite of mine for almost 8 years now, since I was a freshman in college and to celebrate the release of her 10th book What Happened to Goodbye (In stores TOMORROW!!) I will be giving away my top 7 favorite Dessen books (one for each day of this very awesome week which is being hosted by YA bibliophile and The Reading Housewives of Indiana).

Today's giveaway is one copy of Keeping The Moon, the very first Sarah Dessen book I have ever read, the one that started the obsession.

 Goodreads Description:
"Colie expects the worst when she's sent to spend the summer with her eccentric aunt Mira while her mother, queen of the television infomercial, tours Europe. Always an outcast -- first for being fat and then for being "easy" -- Colie has no friends at home and doesn't expect to find any in Colby, North Carolina. But then she lands a job at the Last Chance Cafe and meets fellow waitresses Morgan and Isabel, best friends with a loving yet volatile relationship. Wacky yet wise, Morgan and Isabel help Colie see herself in a new way and realize the potential that has been there all along"

This book had me literally laughing out loud and I absolutely fell in love with the small beach town of Colby, the Last Chance Cafe and the characters (especially Mira, Norman (aka love interest) and Morgan and Isabel.)  Keep an eye out for Colby and The Last Chance Cafe as well as Colie, they show up in her other novels (she tends to do this alot, which is one of the thousand reasons why I love reading her books).

It is the perfect beach read, it really gets you in the summer mood.  

Like all of her characters, you really grow with Colie and you learn with her the lessons of true friendship, love and self acceptance, that if you truly love yourself what other people think of you really doesn't matter. It's a major lesson we all have to learn (I'm still learning it) and each person Colie meets throughout her summer in Colby teaches her this lesson in their own special way.  It's a truly magical read that you will not be able to put down. 

Fav Quote from the book: "You should never be surprised when someone treats you with respect, you should expect it."- Isabel

That said I am spreading my love of this book by giving it away to one lucky reader. 

All you have to do is leave me a comment! It's so easy! You don't have to be a follower but it's always appreciated.

Some rules: 
1. US only.
2. Only one entry per person per giveaway.
3. All giveaways this week are open until 11:59 pm EST Sunday May 15.  Make sure to check back here after 10 pm EST on Monday May 16th to see who the winners are.
4. All winners will be selected at random

 Happy Sarah Dessen Week!! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Follow Friday #7

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee's View, her featured blog this week is Al
from Magnet 4 Books, make sure you check her out and don't forget to follow follow follow.

FF featured question: Circle time! Time to share. What character in a book would you most like to be, what character in a book would you most like to date?

I either want to be Ella from Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine or Maggie Quinn from the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs Evil series by Rosemary Clement-Moore. 

Who I would like to date? Dean Winchester from the Supernatural Novels (which are based off of the Supernatural TV show on The CW) does that count?

 Happy Friday Everyone!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo and the last day to enter Lisa Desrockers the Fourth of Many Contests-for-No-Reason

If you haven't yet read Lisa Desrocher's Personal Demons then you are seriously missing out because it's fantabulouso (Frannie is most definitely one of my fav heroines) but if you have read it then you are just excited about the July 5th release of book 2 Original Sin as I am. 

Lucky for us Lisa is giving away a signed ARC of OS along with a signed hardcover copy of If I Stay by Gayle Forman (EEEE!!!). 

Just scurry over to her blog and leave a comment and you are golden.

Good luck and Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book Review: Dark Elite Series Books 1 & 2 by Chloe Neill

Firespell is the first installment in the Dark Elite series by Chloe Neill.  We meet Lily Parker a witty no none-sense girl who is sent to Chicago to attend St. Sophia's School for girls after her parents take a once in a lifetime trip to study in Germany. Lily is prepared for the bratty rich girls and tough course schedule but when she learns that she possesses the rare magical gift of Firespell and discovers that her parents may not be who she thought they were the only thing keeping her sane is her magical bff, Scout.

In book two, Hexbound, Lily has joined the fight against the Reapers with Scout and her rebel magic wielding friends,is finding more clues about her parents' past and is learning to control her powerful magic.  Add a potential relationship with a werewolf and a  strange relationship with her should be enemy Reaper, Sebastian, and this is a great addition to the Dark Elite series.

I gave this series a three because although I did find it highly entertaining it felt a bit young to me.  I would recommend this series to the younger side of the YA spectrum. If you are looking for a very quick, easy, action packed story with a funny heroine and entertaining side kick, I would definitely give The Dark Elite try.

Waiting on Wednesday #7: What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

Goodreads Description:
 "Another town. Another school. Another Mclean. Ever since her parents' bitter divorce, Mclean and her father have been fleeing their unhappy past. And Mclean's become a pro at reinventing herself with each move. But in Lakeview, Mclean finds herself putting down roots and making friends—in part, thanks to Dave, the most real person Mclean's ever met. Dave just may be falling in love with her, but can he see the person she really is? Does Mclean herself know?"

I am so psyched about this book, I just adore Sarah Dessen, she's one of the few, if not the only, non-paranormal/supernatural/fantasy authors I read obsessively.  Her books are funny, endearing and absolutely wonderful. What Happened to Goodbye will be available in stores on May 10 but if you need something to hold you over until then Dessen has posted the What Happened to Goodbye TV spot/trailer on her blog,

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!
Waiting on Wednesdays is hosted by Breaking the Spine

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teaser Tuesday #5: City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments #4) by Cassandra Clare

"She opened her mouth to ask him what on earth he was talking about, but no words came.  The darkness was rushing up too fast.  The last thing she felt was Jace's arms around her as she fell." pg 306

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Follow Friday #6

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee's View, her featured blog this week is Marla from Starting the Next Chapter, make sure you check her out and don't forget to follow follow follow.

FF featured question: Keeping with the dystopian and apocalypse theme that seems to be running rampant on, I have one very hard question for you: If you were stocking your bomb shelter, what books would you HAVE to include if you only had space for ten?

Endings (when I'm singing in the car)

This is a toughy.

1. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein - teaches you to give unselfishly

2. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - teaches tolerance and love

3. The Bible - a world altering piece of literature, in my opinion, whether you are religious or not this book is very important

4. Homer's The Iliad & The Odyssey (in one book, it counts) - shows there is more than one way to believe & has very important literary themes

5. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (again one HUGE book) - source of history as well as a source of every possible literary theme/life lesson you can think of

6. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss - teaches us to take care of our planet

7. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine - a fairy tale with a strong heroine

8. This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen - it's about love, about how no matter how scary it is love is worth it

9. The Inescapable Presence by Arvid E. Anderson (My Grandpa) - this is obvious

10. Prom Dates from Hell (Maggie Quinn: Girl vs Evil #1) by Rosemary Clement-Moore - because I love this book and her.  It's the amateur sluth Nancy Drew/Veronica Mars meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with Demons. I couldn't decide between Harry Potter or The Hunger Games then I realized that everyone will be rescuing those, which means they will be available, so why not save something obscure and fun.

If given more space for more books I would also save: The Strange Angels Series by Lili St. Crow, the rest of the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs Evil series, John Winchester's Journal, The Psychic Eye Mystery Series by Victoria Laurie, The Hunger Games Series, Harry Potter Series, Jane True Series, all of Dessen's Books....pretty much my entire book shelf which, now that I think about it, I could fit on my nook, so I would just sneak that in with a very good generator.

 Happy Friday Everyone!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awesome releases to geek out about

The cover for If I Die (Soul Screamers #5) by Rachel Vincent has been released and it's absolutely fabulously beautiful! I am so excited, I can't wait for September 20th! Can't wait to find out what finale Vincent has written for this awesome series.

Chills and goosebumbs! The newest trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is out and I am just blown away.

I remember reading the first book back in middle school (I believe) and for it to finally all be over this summer, books and movies, it's just mind blowing. I've spent years falling in the love with these characters and this world Rowling created and for it to finally be over is a very bittersweet feeling.

Can't wait for July 15th.

Also Sarah Dessen just debuted the TV spot for her newest book What Happened to Goodbye (release date May 10th - it's so close!!) Check it out: or

I am totally geeking out!!!

TV Show News to geek out about

I know this site has been around for a while but I just discovered - your source for anything and everything tv shows - and because of this discovery I just learned that The CW will premiere the pilot for LJ Smith's The Secret Circle this fall.  I am totally geeking out here!!! Vampire Diaries was the first of her series that I had read but The Secret Circle is definitely my favorite.  You must read these, especially if you love TVD.  I wonder if they will ever base a TV show/movie off of The Forbidden Game?  That would be SWEET!

Check out this article from among others that discuss the cast and much much more. So excited!!

The CW also announced the Season 3 renewal of The Vampire Diaries. Woot Woot! (

But most importantly from this awesome site comes the news that The CW has renewed the best show on TV Supernatural for it's 7th season.  For die-hard fans, such as myself, this is even more exciting that The Secret Circle.

Want to read the article? Here you go:

Today was a very good day :o)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow Friday #5: Happy Earth Day/Good Friday

First I'd like to say that I am back. I know I fell off the face of the earth for a couple months there, thanks to work and life stress I have had to put this blog on the back burner, but I'm gonna do my best to catch up on what I missed and keep this blog rolling like it was.  Now back to your regularly scheduled Follow Friday post.

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee's View, her featured blog this week is Caitlin from The Cait Files, make sure you check her out and don't forget to follow follow follow.

FF featured question: What is on your current playlist right now?

Currently I am listing to a Pandora station that includes The Maine, Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, New Found Glory, The Ataris, We The Kings, etc. but my personal life Playlist consists of:
  • Jimmy Eat World - Praise Chorus (my theme song)
  • Leana Womack - I hope you dance (when things get tough)
  • Nelly - Err time (when I need to dance it out)
  • New Found Glory - Hit or miss or My friends over you (when I want to live in the past)
  • The Ataris - Boys of Summer (when I'm stuck in the office but want to be on the beach)
  • Stars - Look-up (when I'm day dreaming)
  • All American Rejects - Happy Endings (when I'm singing in the car)
  • Plain White Tees - Jessie's Girl (just because it's awesome)
  • The Maine - Everything I asked for (again in the car singing)
And I could go on and on and on and on......

 Happy Friday Everyone!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday #6: City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4) by Cassandra Clare

Goodreads Description: “City of Fallen Angels takes place two months after the events of City of Glass. In it, a mysterious someone’s killing the Shadowhunters who used to be in Valentine’s Circle and displaying their bodies around New York City in a manner designed to provoke hostility between Downworlders and Shadowhunters, leaving tensions running high in the city and disrupting Clary’s plan to lead as normal a life as she can — training to be a Shadowhunter, and pursuing her relationship with Jace. As Jace and Clary delve into the issue of the murdered Shadowhunters, they discover a mystery that has deeply personal consequences for them — consequences that may strengthen their relationship, or rip it apart forever. Meanwhile, internecine warfare among vampires is tearing the Downworld community apart, and only Simon — the Daylighter who everyone wants on their side — can decide the outcome; too bad he wants nothing to do with Downworld politics. Love, blood, betrayal and revenge: the stakes are higher than ever in City of Fallen Angels.”

 If, like me, you need something to tie you over until the release date of  April 5, 2011 check The City of Fall Angels Chapter Hunt which start Monday 2/14 and will end Friday 2/18 you will be able to read the first chapter of this much anticipated installment, of course there is a catch, the chapter is spread out over 5 different blogs, get more info at Cassandra Clare's blog.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New House of Night Novella Series

Some fun book news for everyone the Casts are writing a novella series based around the back stories of some of the crucial but less known about characters. 

It starts off with Dragon's Oath (Its pretty obvious who we will be learning more about in this first installment) which will be available in store July 12, 2011 .

Can't wait to see what other characters we will be learning more about.

To learn more check out the goodreads.

Teaser Tuesday #5: Vampire Diaries: Origins (Stefan's Dairies vol. 1) by L.J. Smith, Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec

"Katherine slid off the chair and glanced at the volumes on Father's shelves. She took down a thick, leather-bound book, the Mysteries of Mystic Falls."
page 54

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Blogger Hop #3

Question: "Tell us about one of your posts from this week and give us a link so we can read it (review or otherwise)!"

It's not a very big post but I think it is an important one, especially if you are into the Science-Fiction genre (both book and movie wise).  It was Jules Verne's birthday on February 8th, author of classic works such as The Time Machine, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth he is the king of Science-Fiction and should definitely be celebrated.  You can read my post here.

Have a Happy Friday everyone!!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paranormal Truth or Dare (Thurs 2/9)

Post about your favorite Book Boyfriend or Girlfriend. Who would you love to see step out of a book and into your living room? (Has to be from a paranormal since this is Paranormal Truth or Dare)

Goodness there are soooo many. I have to think about this. I really love Stark from the House of Night series and Jesse from Meg Cabot's The Mediator series but in the end there are two men I just love Damien from the Vampire Diaries and Justin from Maggie Quinn: Girl vs Evil. I love Damien because he's the bad boy turned good.  He was evil but then he fell in love with Elena and changed for her even though in the end she chose his brother over him, I'll choose you Damien. I love Justin becuase he is human and a genuine good guy. He's a hero even though in the end Maggie has to fight the Demon on her own he is always there to help her in any way he can.  He's reliable and he has the best major EVER!! Oh and Prince Char from Ella Enchanted talk about your Prince Charming, that's my kind of man. Those are my paranormal crushes, I have others that are not from Paranormal books but still very yummy. 

Follow Friday #4

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FF featured question: What is your favorite romance hero-type? Stereotype wise. Do you like the strong silent type or the brute macho man?

I can't help but fall for the bad boys who end up being good. The strong ones that show up suddenly to save your life because they really love you even though you were just telling them you hated them like 5 minutes before. It's the guy that comes off as an ass, who is rough around the edges, who has a tough hard outer shell, who doesn't seem to be bothered by anything you throw at him or have any weaknesses, the guy you immediately write off as the bad guy because he pretty much is that is until, because he loves you he allows you to see that he's not as tough as he acts, that he really is a good guy and that he does have a That is my favorite romantic-hero ::sigh::

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday #6: Desires of the Dead (THe Body Finder #2) by Kimberly Derting

Goodreads Summary: "The missing dead call to Violet. They want to be found.

Violet can sense the echoes of those who've been murdered—and the matching imprint that clings to their killers. Only those closest to her know what she is capable of, but when she discovers the body of a young boy she also draws the attention of the FBI, threatening her entire way of life.

As Violet works to keep her morbid ability a secret, she unwittingly becomes the object of a dangerous obsession. Normally she'd turn to her best friend, Jay, except now that they are officially a couple, the rules of their relationship seem to have changed. And with Jay spending more and more time with his new friend Mike, Violet is left with too much time on her hands as she wonders where things went wrong. But when she fills the void by digging into Mike's tragic family history, she stumbles upon a dark truth that could put everyone in danger."

This second installment of Derting's spine-tingling, unique series will be available February 15th (Yay!!).  I suggest, if you haven't already, that you read the first installment, The Body Finder first, it's a great quick read. (p.s. aren't the covers gorgeous? love it!)

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teaser Tuesday #4: The Demon Trapper's Daughter (Demon Trappers #1) by Jana Oliver

"Beck walked to the kitchen while guzzling the last of soda. The glass bottle landed in the recycling bin with a rattle. When he returned, his right eyebrow crooked upward. 'Not fair? If you want fair, Princess, don't be a trapper.'"
page 177

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