Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Review: My Soul to Steal (Soul Screamers #4) by Rachel Vincent

Kaylee's life is more complicated than ever. Not only does she have to deal with helping Alec fit into current society while sorting out her mixed-up feelings about Nash but someone is killing off people in their sleep...add on the arrival of Nash's ex-girlfriend, Sabine, who also happens to be a mara, the living personification of a nightmare (she literally goes into people's dreams and feeds off of their deepest fears...awesome) it's a wonder Kaylee's even functioning.  It doesn't help that Sabine has decided to fight Kaylee for Nash, using every weapon at her desposal...which means we get to add on extreme lack of sleep to Kaylee's list of Why My Life is in Ruins. Can Kaylee deal with her personal dilemas and find out who is committing the terrifying murders without losing herself in the process?

This is definitely one of Vincent's most emotionally packed installments of her Soul Screamers Series, and that's saying alot.  You actually can feel Kaylee's physical and mental exhaustion seeping out from the pages. Vincent really pushes her main character to her limits.  We finally get to see what Kaylee Cavanaugh is really made of.

The Kaylee vs Sabine aspect of this novel was very intriguing but also a bit frustrating. There were definitely moments where I wish I could just shake both of them and tell them to knock it off, I mean people were dying here.  In the end I ended up feeling sympathetic to and even liking Sabine.  Hey if you were literally a living nightmare how would you feel and react?

I have also started questioning whether or not Nash and Kaylee are meant to be together. I know this is shocking but I'm gonna have to say I'm Team Tod.

In the end I give this book a 4 because while it was stress inducing, My Soul to Steal is a perfect addition to the Soul Screamers Series and a must read for all YA book lovers

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