Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reaper (A Soul Screamers Novella) by Rachel Vincent

I'm a huge fan of Vincent's Soul Screamers series and Tod Hudson the reaper brother of Nash, Kaylee's bean sidhe boyfriend, has always been my favorite character. I tend to gravitate towards the smart ass good guys, guys that seem like assholes but deep down are really chivalrice heroes, men who stand up for what's right even though they don't appear to be the gentlemen they are, this is Tod, and I adore him.

Unfortunately Tod is not one of the main characters, although I would place him in the major charator category, you never really get to hear his side of the story until now. A major Thank you to Rachel for giving us a chance to learn a little more about, in my opinion, one of her more interesting characters.


And because of this novella I am even more in love with Tod Hudson. I am the oldest of two and I would give my life for my little sister, this is exactly what Tod does. From the first three books we learn he was killed in a car accident but what we didn't know was that it really wasn't his time to go, but Nash's and because he is a true hero he offers himself to the reaper in exchange for his brother's life. Nash doesn't know any of this I wonder if it comes out in the most recent Soul Screamers installment (My Soul  to Steal released 1/4/2010 aka it's available now) which I haven't had a chance to read yet.

We also learn how Tod became a reaper, and that before Kaylee came into Nash's life Tod had actually seen her strapped to a bed in a hospital (if you are confused check out the first novella of the series, My Soul to Lose (Soul Screamers #0.5), which may attest to his protectiveness of her. We also learn a little more about Nash's relationship with Sabine, an ex-girlfriend who appears in MSTS.

This is a must read for any Soul Screamers fan. Oh and if I haven't said it enough I love Tod Hudson!

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