Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This marker smells like grapes...& now my work to-do list does too.

Since this is my first entry and I have no idea what I want to write about I am just going to bombard you with random musings, news and whatever else may pop into my head during the blogging process.

Obviously I am doing this instead of work, it's not my fault my brain has already left on my vacation taking my attention span and work ethic with it.

Might as well talk about what I can't stop thinking about....Inception and JGL (aka Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

Let’s start with the less creepy of the two, Inception was PHENOMENAL.
 If you are planning on spending an obscene amount of money on a movie this weekend my advice to you is to spend it on Inception. Great special effects, unbelievable acting, suspenseful, fun, action packed, insightful script, just add a bag of gummy bears from Wawa (cause bob knows I'm not about to spend 20 bucks on a chewy teddy) and you are set my man. I would say that this was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. 4 stars on the Happy Happy Joy Joy meter.

And now let’s move into creepville, JGL was HOT in this movie. If he can, he should dress like a 50's gangster all the time. I always thought he was cute but I never thought of him as sexy and damn was I wrong. Since my body is stuck at work with no attention span or work ethic I spent my day researching this bodacious boy (shh don't tell the boss). I found This is a project he had started a little over 5 years ago and has since "evolved into a professional open collaborative production company." (JGL, If I made or knew how to make mini movies I would be all over this site like white on rice, as it is I don't but I'm still going to pass it on to you lovely people. Anyhoo, if you get the chance to check out this site make sure you watch Morgan M. Morgansen's Date with Destiny and Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeeth Date - The Zeppelin Zoo. I suggest paying close attention to the narration; I thought that was the best although the art is amazing too. Front Pillows... haha classic.

Well it's Hump day and you know what that means...PSYCH

Yup that's right Wednesday nights are Psych nights, one of the best shows on tv, or at least I think so. In tonight's episode Shawn and Gus take on aliens with the help of guest star Freddy Prince Jr. It's gonna be awesome.

Book Nook

If you haven't figured it out yet I am 100% a honest to bob book worm, so this section is dedicated to anything and everything literary world related.

Moving right along, my favorite author Rosemary Clement-Moore has officially posted her next book on At the moment it's titled Texas Gothic and it's due to be published sometime in June 2011 but there is a plot summary and that alone should be enough to hold me over until then.

Jealousy (Strange Angels #3) by the sassy Lilith Saintcrow comes out TOMORROW!! Like the self proclaimed dork that I am I have already pre-ordered it on my Nook :o) and plan on spending the weekend reading it whilst lounging on the beach.

Since I'm blogging illegally (on company time) I have no time to do some serious book news searching so that will be all for today.

Well it's almost quittin' time so until tomorrow stay cheerful my friends.

Currently Reading: Death By Latte by Linda Gerber

Inspiration: "One of the hardest things about playing a soldier is kinda acknowledging that I've never done, and might never do anything that brave." JGL

Joyful tunes: Lovedrug - Thieving

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